Hotspots (Some) Not Working On a Page When Published to Web

Help please...super tight deadline. Very strange situation where a couple of hotspots are not working when published but they work fine in preview and review 360. 

I have attached the source file for consideration. 


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Susan.

Thank you for sharing your .story file and the link to Review 360.

You mentioned that the hotspots worked in preview and Review 360, but not when published. Let me ask you a few questions to narrow down the issue:

  • Which way did you publish the file when it didn't work?
  • If it was for the web, did you experience the issue in a specific browser?
  • Which hotspots didn't work (or was it sporadic)?
Lauren Connelly

Hi Susan!

Thanks for pointing us to the exact hotspots. Unfortunately, I'm not running into the same behavior you've mentioned as the hotspots (Explore Sesame, last link in the Menu, and bottom round hotspot) are working on my end. I've published the course for Web and uploaded it to a web testing environment, Tempshare. You can test the link here before it expires in 10 days.

Here is a short video of my testing!