How can i make only one "Check box" selectable ?


I have a series of images where the student has to select the proper answer for each and i am using 4 check boxes for each image, and I want only one box selected at any time. If the student choose number 1, number 2, 3 and 4 are not; if he chooses #2, well # 1, 3 and 4 are not and so on...

Is there an easy and direct way to do this, in Storyline 3?


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Matthew Bibby

Wendy is correct, however I just want to add that you may be better to use radio buttons than checkboxes if you are only going to allow one to be selected.

This is a usability thing. In web development, the presence of a checkbox implies that more than one are selectable, however radio buttons indicate that only one is. So some users may be confused by checkboxes used in this way.

Depending on your design, perhaps this feedback isn't applicable, but this checkbox vs. radio buttons is a pretty established standard, so just thought I'd mention it.