How can I prevent the learner from advancing after failing the course level assessment?

Apr 08, 2015

Hi All,

Looking for some Articulate Storyline 2 assessment related guidance...

I'm working on the settings for my course level assessment.  I've been analyzing / customizing the Results slide and am pretty well set, but I'm stuck trying to prevent the learner from advancing to the next slide after failing the assessment.  Although I have instructions present on-screen when they fail telling them to click the "Retry Quiz" button to retake the assessment, the Next button is still present and functional.  I don't want them to be able to move forward without retaking the assessment.  If I remove the Next button though, that will prevent them from moving forward when they do actually pass the assessment.  Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

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Michael Shannon

Hey Corey. Why not put a condition on the Next button. 

{jump to slide}{next slide}{when user clicks next button}{on condition_____}

Your condition could be your assessment threshold. 

And to assist with confusion for your users I would also recommend adding a small popup condition for those who click the next button if they don't meet your above condition. Something like, "you must score X% on the assessment to proceed."

Michael Shannon

Unfortunately in Storyline it's an all or nothing proposition (unless something has changed in v2 that I'm unaware of). That's why I use the little popups that let the user know what's going on. The only other way around it, and one I've used extensively, is to create a custom navigation. Then you can do all kinds of cartwheels with it. But, it expands your development timeline and project scope. 

Jessica Daniels
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Corey,

Storyline 2 does allow you to hide or disable the next button based on triggers. You can review the information here. 

Ashley, I know this post is old, but...I used the steps in the link provided, and now my slides are auto-advancing after the audio ends? I still have my trigger set to move to the next slide when the user clicks, but for some reason, it's doing it on its own?