How do I adjust the timeline to eliminate seconds of silent space in preview/publishing mode

Apr 10, 2023

I have a slide with 7 different audio clips, 1 audio clip per button. I am utilizing different layers for the audio clips,  one per . I have different triggers. First trigger per audio clip show layer nn when user clicks on group 1, 2 etc. Trigger 2 change the state of the button to complete when the timeline ends on the nn. When I play the audio clip in the scene all is well, when I paly the audio clip in either preview or publishing several seconds of no sounds appear on all audio clips. It seems like there should be an option mode where I should be able to make the necessary adjustments. 

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Steven Benassi

Hi Thomas!

Thanks for reaching out! Did you publish this project for Web or LMS? We would suggest testing in the same environment where your users will see it.

In other words:

  • If you published for Web, test the published file in Review 360.
  • If you published for LMS, test the published file in SCORM Cloud.

Please let me know if that made a difference or if you have any more questions!

Ulf  Borsander

I am running in the user space. What I am trying to get to work is as follows.
I have 7 place holders each with their own button and each connected with their own audio clip. When the user hits a button an audio clip will start, once the audio clip ends the user will end up back where the 7 placeholders are. I want the placeholders to turn dark grey once the user has listened to an audio clip and has returned to where the placeholders are. This is where I am having issues. I have tried both built in states as well as Custom states. I have tried triggers with and without conditions.
Presently the trigger is
Set State of placeholder to complete when the timline ends on nn if the state of nn =Visited. I have also tried it without the condition, none of them work. I have also tried with just the build in Visited state, did not work. It did work once yesterday on one of the placeholders but none after that. I have tried deleting, starting over, editing .
Any idea?



Thomas Borsander
Trainer/Instructional Designer

Ulf  Borsander

Hi Steven,
I have another question. I have a slide with 7 placeholders and 7 buttons. When the user hits a button an audio clip plays, once the audio clip ends the user comes back to the slide. My dilemma is, I want the placeholder to change color when the audio clip ends, this so that the user can keep track of which audio clip he/she has listened to. The seven audio clips are on different layers. I have created a Custom state Complete. I have tried
Set state of Placeholder to Complete
When the timeline ends on NN

Also the same trigger with a condition. I have grouped the button and the placeholder so that it is only the placeholder that will change color not the text on the button. I have also tried build in Visited without success. Any idea what I can try to get this to work?



Thomas Borsander
Trainer/Instructional Designer

Luciana Piazza

Hi Thomas, 

Thanks so much for reaching out with another question. I see that you've opened a support case and you're working with our colleague Robert. You are in great hands! 

We'll continue the conversation over in your support case. I have shared this thread with Robert so that he's in the loop! 

Have a great start to your day!

Ulf  Borsander

Still having issues, I have been able to change the state of the placeholders, but I have yet to find a solution where they turn color once each audio clip changes as the audio clip ends. I am working with layers and so far it is either none or all that turn as I choose Allow seeking: Automatically decide when all turn at the same time or Yes and none change color. I tried build- in visited and now custom Complete. Trying to figure out what else to try, it would be very nice to have somebody to bounce ideas off of since I just jumped in the deep end of the pool here. 

Kelly Auner

Hi, Thomas!

We do offer live chat to users with Articulate 360 Teams subscriptions. It looks like my teammate, Robert, sent you a reply in your support case, asking for your file so they can investigate further. We recommend continuing the conversation there since Robert is already up to speed on the issue!

Additionally, please see this article if you'd like to learn more about how we support our customers:

Ulf  Borsander

I work as a subcontractor to the government , I am unable to share the storyline that I am working on due to the circumstances What I am doing and trying to do is.

I have one slide that contain  7 audio clip[s. I also have 7 buttons and 7 place holder on this slide. I also have 7 layers connected to the slide .

! layer per audio clip, 1 button and 1 placeholder per audio clip. The button and placeholder are connected .I want the user to have to hit each button, listen to the audio clip and once the audio clip has ended the user gets back to the slide with the 7 buttons. I want each button that is connected to the audio clip to turn color when the timeline ends this will help the user to keep track of the audio clips listened to. Once the user has listened to all 7 audio clips the button that takes them to the next slide will be activated. I would also want the user not to be able to manipulate the audio clips in order to speed through.

I have managed to make sure the user gets back to the slide with the buttons once the audio clip is ended. I have 2 issues, the state does not change for one at a time but for multiple, depending on which audio clip button it is not even part of the ones that change state. I do not have any basic formal training on Storyline but had to jump in the pool on the deep end and figure it out. My second issue is that in each Layer depending on which Allow seeking setting I choose the audio ends without any silent space but does not change color or extra dead space is added and the color changes. I hope you understand what I mean and what I am trying to explain.


Jose Tansengco

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. It looks like reviewing how your triggers are setup might help shed some light on why your slide is not behaving as expected. 

The best way to diagnose the issue is to have a look at your project file and see how the triggers are configured to interact with the audio files. Can I ask if providing an NDA will help you share you project file with us? If this works for you, open a case with our support team here so we can get started on providing you with an NDA.