How do you gradually enlarge the size of an object?

I'd like to simply enlarge the size of a JPG during a certain period on the timeline of a slide.  Under Animations, I'll use an entrance animation to fade in, then I'll use an exit animation to fade out.  But how does one make the object grow or shrink?  In other software products, it's easy to figure out.  Not so in Storyline.  I don't see any option to do so under Add Motion Path, or am I missing something?

Thank you!

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Cliff Bandringa

Thanks Tom, but although I'm sure this example is powerful, it is way to complicated and time consuming for what I need.  Powerpoint & Camtasia both have easy features to start an object (i.e. a JPG) at one size at a point in time, then either end at a later point in time with the object at a different size (big or small or even rotated).  I'm surprised there isn't a feature like that in Storyline.

Cliff Bandringa

Thanks Less.  It is simple, if you just need to have the JPG change from one size to the other.  I want the affect that it is slowly growing, from say 80% of its size to 100% over half the life of the timeline, which is common in many presentations.  It looks like SL simply can't do it.  I'm surprised nobody from Articulate has commented.  I'll do what someone else recommended, create the animation in another program as an MP4 and import it.

Michele Martinez

I have done the opposite.  I made large to small.  I imagine it can be done in the reverse....  First of all, this is in Storyline 2 so I imagine that 3 or 360 can do it too.  I used animation and made it work for me.  The Grow in Storyline 2 makes it get bigger.