How do you track progress/completion on a course with multiple languages?

Mar 18, 2022

Hi Articulate community,

I'm working on a course that is being translated into multiple languages. The current solution I have right now is:

Current method

1. Have one course that's essentially a language selection page.

2. The language selection page links to 4 different courses, one for each language.

The issue

I'm running into issues with TinCan and trying to track the student's progress in the LMS. If the language selection page launches, it's automatically registered as 100% completion, since it's just one page.

I'm not sure how to configure it so that I can track the completion for only the language that the user selects after reaching the language selection page.

Has anyone else come across this issue and have found a solution?


Other things I've tried

Branching method

I've tried the branching method where I put all of the languages into the same course, but I run into the issue of the menu/TOC showing the contents for every language, instead of just the one that they select. And also the UI being only in English.

Using triggers and states

I can't use triggers or states to show a user a specific language because

- The TOC/Menu will only be in English

- There's a lot of content, slides, animations and creating a state for every object is unfeasible/not scalable

Thank you for any help/links/directions! I've looked all over the community and I can't find a solution that works. Not sure if this is even possible.

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Judy Nollet

For one of my clients, each language was in its own .story file. That allows the menu and UI to appear in the designated language.

Each language .story file was published into its own SCORM package. The LMS folks combined those courses into one curriculum. Users were assigned to that curriculum, and they only had to complete one of the courses to "pass" it. They could choose whichever language they wanted to. 

In short, the language selection was done via LMS functionality. Completion was tracked with standard Storyline functions (e.g., passing a test or a completion trigger). 

Judy Nollet

I don't think it's possible to accomplish what you want with just Storyline. You can certainly track completion based on the user completing a quiz or reaching a certain slide in their preferred language. But, as you already know, the Text Labels can only be set in one language for a given .story file. (At least, that's true using Storyline's built-in functionality. It's probably doable with JavaScript or other custom programming. You'd need a JS expert for that.) 

FYI: My client was originally using Saba. Now they use CornerStone on Demand. I don't have details about what versions or any other info, though. 

Steve Johnson

I'm running into the same issue. I have created a template for use in Storyline where one landing page slide has a language selector drop-down with pre-set languages. Based on the one you choose, it launches the scene in the same story file that contains the module in its entirety in whatever language they select. It currently works with 9 languages inside a single .story file, with the only outstanding need being ability to track which language they selected and completed. It currently just reports the completion in a report. Has there been a solution, any possible packaging or grading setting that might be leveraged perhaps by adding a trigger of some sort to each of the scenes' quiz completion slides?

John Morgan

Hi Steve,

Currently, there isn't a way to track which language was selected by the user. The best way to possibly see a change in a feature is to submit a feature request. You can submit one here. If the request makes it onto our feature roadmap, we’ll make sure to update you in this conversation!

In the meantime, here's an article with some information on the types of data that are reported to an LMS.

Thanks for reaching out!