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Ren Gomez

Hi Bdor,

Happy to help here! The first thing you'll have to take into account is whether you're using the Modern vs. Classic player as you can only adjust popup settings in the Classic Player.

Follow these steps to adjust your pop-up settings:

  1. Go to the Home tab, select Player, and then choose the Colors and Effects button.
  2. Under the Color scheme, you'll see Show advanced colors and editing
  3. When you select the Edit item: drop-down, use this image as a guide to change your popup settings in the Notification Window area:

💥As a bonus, feel free to download the entire Classic Player colors guide here!

Jessica Kellerman


I have the same question.

We've been using the modern player for its other benefits, Is there any way to edit more than player font, size and captions font in the modern player? I would really like to simplify the text on the prompt to resume page and add clearer buttons if possible. (I'm not entirely sure whether this is determined by Storyline or the lms).

Thanks in advance.

Jessica Kellerman

Thank you Lauren! I missed that setting. Very useful.

Is there a way not to display the file name or edit it here? I can't seem to find it in the list.
We have used a naming system we need for filing purposes though don't want end users to see.

Example attached.



Steven Walsh

Hi Becca, please let me provide more detail.

  • I am using the Modern player in Chrome.
  • The Resume setting is; Prompt to Resume. See image.
  • The Resume Prompt Text is filled out. See image.
  • When I go to continue the course, I do not get the Resume Prompt Text. See image.

If you would, please provide an image of the Modern player Resume slide displaying Resume Prompt Text and let me know how you managed it.

Becca Levan

Ah, I understand now, Steven! Thank you for clarifying further 😊

You can customize the text labels in the modern player, but changing the shape of the built-in prompt isn't available in Storyline at this time.

I'm hoping that others in the community might have some design workarounds to offer and will chime in!

Phil Sambati

Hi, I can't get this to work on the page (attached but the same as Bdor's). The show advanced colors and editing modifies the classic player and I use the modern. I noticed that sometimes modifying in the classic and switching back to modern can change things but I really want to change this to a white page with black button 

Barry Stoner

Hello all, 

I would like to show a prompt text on the Modern Player resume screen. (Idealy I would like to make my own resume screen, but that's a question for another time).

Please see the attached image for where I would expect an instruction to appear. 

I expected to the the words 'Would you like to resume where you left off?' that appear on row 161 om the Player Text Lablels. Is this not the case for the Modern Player?

Thanks in advance. 

Mateusz Szuter

If you are still looking for a way to edit Resume page and you are ok with somehow non-100%-elegant way, you can do this:

1) Open in notepad (or similiar) your story.html
2) place your cursor right before </body>
3) paste following script

function addResumeText() {
var container = document.getElementsByClassName('mobile-start-course-title');
container[0].style.flexWrap = "wrap";
container[0].insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend','<p style="flex:1 0 2500px;">Your desired text go here</p>');
setTimeout(function() {
var isRestart = document.querySelector('.restart-text');
if (isRestart) {addResumeText();}
},2000); // adjust time in miliseconds

This will basically add some text between course title and resume button, like on the screen.

This is not elegant, because this will fire after adjusted time (in 2 seconds in this case) because I'm yet to discover how to fire script AFTER the dynamic content is loaded. If someone can help me with this, I'd greatly appreciate. :)

You can of course alter this script for your purposes. Well to be honest, if I'd use jQuery here, I could probably rewrite the whole page to my liking. :)