How to ensure users visit all layers

Mar 08, 2016

Hi, Everyone,

I have what I think is a simple situation - one slide with three buttons that go to three different layers. I need to make sure that learners visit each layer before they can jump to the next slide. I know how to create a condition, e.g. can't jump to the next slide until you've met certain conditions with variables. I just don't know how to indicate that the variable is visiting the layer.

Or is there a simpler way to set this up? 

Thanks for any ideas you have!


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Mike Enders

Hi Sophie,

You might be able to get away with simply evaluating the visited state of the buttons. Basically, each button (to show a layer) has a visited state.  Then you create two triggers for the next button. Trigger one says, jump to next if the state of button 01 and button 02 are visited.

I also like to create a layer to show a message telling them they must visit all areas if they try to proceed to early. To show that layer, the second trigger two says, show warning layer if the user clicks next button and either of the buttons are not visited.

I've attached a sample for you.

I hope it helps!



Sophie Oberstein

I'd love to see your sample, Mike, because I've done the same thing - created a new layer with an error message, but I can't open it because you created it in a newer version of Articulate than I have. 

So, tell me what you mean by "the second trigger two says, show warning layer if..." I think that's the part I'm not getting.

Thanks so much!
~ Sophie

Beth Coale

I know I am way late to the party on this, lol, but I have a question.  Mark advice worked almost perfectly but it only shows my "must wait" layer if the user clicks next before visiting any of the six layers.  It does it's job in ensuring that all six are visited before the next button is active but it only refuses to move forward once some of the layers are visited.  It does not keep showing the Must visit layer as it should.