How to Export Storyline 360 project to PowerPoint?


I would be grateful for any advice on how to export or convert an existing Articulate Storyline 360 project into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation? 

We use Articulate often but on an upcoming occasion we need to be able to quickly export/convert our .story presentations to PPT; any solutions?

Thank you so much!


Andrew Farmer

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Designs Online

Hi all,

Exporting to Powerpoint is something our clients (large organizations) really need, too. They are changing some of their training due to the pandemic.

Some sales people need the PPTs to 'speak to them' live in groups, and also to review while traveling. Word just doesn't work for this, for several reasons. Some executives are not in the office much and need something offline.

Tom's video was helpful for images, but higher resolution slide images/screenshots would be welcomed, and it's imperative that all the notes are included for each slide.

Thanks for considering to add this needed functionality to Storyline 360!

Designs Online

Thank you. I tried this, but the notes (as well as headers, titles, footers, etc) all show up as part of the image section. Did you find a way to get the notes into the "Notes" section?

I am not sure I'm doing it correctly as it has the header, footer, image, notes and everything in the image area of every PPT slide.

Tom Kuhlmann

Storyline has a PowerPoint import feature. PowerPoint does not have a Storyline import feature. They are two different tools with different features that don't translate.

If you know you need a PowerPoint version of what you build in Storyline, I'd start with PPT and then import that into Storyline to build the interactive elements.

I pulled all of the different tips together in this blog post.

Veronica Tomaselli


Adding my experience here also. In my institution we like to offer a print out of our courses (similar to a handout). It would be great to have the option to transfer content from storyline to PPT.

We currently publish the content to word, clean it up, and then convert it to a PDF. However, there is a lot to clean up in the word version and it is harder to work on design in a word document than it is in a PPT. 

I hope there is a way to do it soon!



Glen Coventon

Just to add to the conversation, I think it is clear that a export to PPT is a feature that users need and want and I don't understand Articulates push back. 

I understand triggers, interactivity etc can't be used in PPT.  However 99% of elearning projects developed (that need exporting to PPT) are simple text and images with the occasional layer.    Why is it so difficult to export the content only to pptx?  People do not expect the PPT to act like storyline.  Just like exporting to video I would not expect interactivity.   Saying this, I must say the export to video is a great feature.

The workarounds from staff are not viable solutions for large corporate organisations, time to stop asking why and ask yourself how. I don't believe this one is too hard for your developers and would add real value to the product.