How to functionality such as Play/Pause, replay, Next/Prev, should be customized (Recommend to use master slide).

Apr 14, 2021

Hi Hero's, I have to know, How functionality such as Play/Pause, Replay, Next/Prev, Audio/Mute should be customized (Recommend to use master slide).

1) Custom Play/Pause: It should be like Toggle button.

2) Custom Replay: Slide has to replay.

3) Custom Next/Prev: Restrick Navigation throughout Course(use master slide).

4) Custom Audio/Mute:  Restrick Audio/Mute throughout Course(use master slide).

I have tried my Level best. But I am unable to control from master slide. If anyone helps me with this means, it will very helpful for learning.

I have attached the Sample file.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Velu,

Thanks for sharing that you would like to customize your navigation. I took a look at the .story file that you shared, but I do not see any triggers associated with the items you've added to the master slide.

You will need an associated trigger on each item. For many of the player items, such as play/pause seekbar, replay slide, and volume, are not included as individual triggers.

I'm curious if you've explored all of the items within the built-in player?

Storyline 360: Working with the Player

I look forward to others chiming in to help you with your custom design if you decide to go this route.

Fiona OSullivan

The problem with the inbuilt player is it is very small and not really accessible, and ideally, the closed captions would appear in it rather than cover the content section.

It would also be good to have a back 30seconds button that takes you back to the previous slide if needed, rather than having to rely on the seek bar. If your content is over multiple slides the seek bar is of no use.

The player would be so much better if we could customise it by drawing and dropping objects, change the icon size and the player background