How to locate the .story file for sharing

Please remind me - I know it's easy and I've done it before, but I cannot for the life of me figure out today how to get the .story file. I want to share a file with this community and this is proving to be today's big seemingly insurmountable hurdle. I've published the project, I've zipped it, I see the files but they only link to my files (and don't open when I click on them which is another issue). I know this is easy, but today it's not. Please help! 

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Walt Hamilton

Windows will allow you to look inside a zipped file, and even open one of the files, but if that ifle tries to open another file, that isn't allowed. So you can't open and run those files until they are unzipped.

You will need to upload the zip file to the final destination before it will have a URL. It looks to me that you have published for an LMS, so it will need to be loaded to the LMS, which will unzip it, and then it will have an URL.

On the other hand, if all you want is to share it here, click on Add Attachment, and navigate to the .story file, and attach that.

Gerda Jacobi

Thanks for this. I learned something new. I now realize that the reason the files wouldn't open was because I had not unzipped the files. Thanks for that! And as I said below, I learned that to send the Articulate file to this community, I didn't have to find the url but just had to send the file. I was looking for a file ending with .story and didn't see it. But the Articulate files will send as .story files. Does this sum it up accurately? Not sure I'm using the right terminology but in the end, I didn't have to publish it. I just had to send the file. I was confused by the directions to look for the .story file.

Gerda Jacobi

I just had an aha! I'm missing the file extensions in my File Explorer. They're not visible by default in Windows 10.  I discovered a way to make them visible again. I'm also now realizing that my subject line on this discussion is not accurate. I thought I needed a url but I just needed to find the file with the .story extension. Should the subject line be changed (in case others have this question and are not misled by my question, which wasn't the right question? :-) 

Jennifer Baltruczak

I'm having a similar yet different issue. I have older modules that have been published, but they are not loaded in my saved folder as an articulate storyline story (which are able to be opened and edited). It looks as though it's just saved as a file folder? Can anyone assist me with getting back into this file, as it needs to be edited. 
Also, I always publish my modules. (this was published) It just needs to be modified.

Jennifer Baltruczak

That’s unfortunate.

Here’s a screen capture, in case I’m missing something in my translation.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

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