How to hide and disable the Play/Pause button in the SL360 responsive player ?

Hi heroes !

Could you share some tips on how to disable the Play/Pause button in the responsive player ?

Play/Pause button in the Responsive player

I wish to hide it as well but still display the progression circle.
My course will only be displayed in the landscape mode.

I guess it would require some hacking within the html5 output files.

Thanks a lot !

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Philippe Siwinski

Hi Alyssa, thanks for your help.

I'm interested in keeping the seekbar but removing the Play/Pause button in the responsive player. The course will not be launched on desktop.

While I understand there is no setting to achieve that, I wonder if I could modify the output files to achieve that.


Kerrin Smith

I'm using the new Modern player with default settings that include the pause/play button and not the seekbar, since most of my slides include an audio file, layers and/or animations. I have a collection of slides that do not include audio or animations, and for these I want the pause/play button hidden. I'm able to accomplish this for most of these slides by using the custom settings. While there isn't the option to hide the pause/play button, just selecting custom settings seems to remove it. There are however a few slides that I'm unable to hide the pause/play button even when I select custom settings. Is there something I'm missing?