How to hide and disable the Play/Pause button in the SL360 responsive player ?

Hi heroes !

Could you share some tips on how to disable the Play/Pause button in the responsive player ?

Play/Pause button in the Responsive player

I wish to hide it as well but still display the progression circle.
My course will only be displayed in the landscape mode.

I guess it would require some hacking within the html5 output files.

Thanks a lot !

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Philippe Siwinski

Hi Alyssa, thanks for your help.

I'm interested in keeping the seekbar but removing the Play/Pause button in the responsive player. The course will not be launched on desktop.

While I understand there is no setting to achieve that, I wonder if I could modify the output files to achieve that.


Kerrin Smith

I'm using the new Modern player with default settings that include the pause/play button and not the seekbar, since most of my slides include an audio file, layers and/or animations. I have a collection of slides that do not include audio or animations, and for these I want the pause/play button hidden. I'm able to accomplish this for most of these slides by using the custom settings. While there isn't the option to hide the pause/play button, just selecting custom settings seems to remove it. There are however a few slides that I'm unable to hide the pause/play button even when I select custom settings. Is there something I'm missing?




Ren Gomez

Hi Steve,

That's correct. The play/pause button and the seekbar are connected, and it's not possible to disable it at certain points within the slide if you've initially included it.

Even though you've enabled it in the Player, you can still specify what slides you'd like to exclude the seekbar by customizing the Player features in the Slide Properties.

This might not be helpful for your current situation, but a good FYI in case you come across this instance in the future!

steve dennis

Understood. There are some times it would be very good to have the same ability to disable or hide the play pause that we have with next/previous.

For example pausing the timeline to force
The user to tap a hotspot can be circumvented by them simply pressing play

Steve Dennis
Extension 861-7450