How to print several slides in Story line

I am trying to print about 10 slides in Storyline 360, preferably to a .pdf but presently just to a printer. I can print and pdf the current screen but the only solution for multiple slides seems to be complex java script  with an attached html5 file. I can do the design and layout well but this is a bit to technical for my skill set. I was hopping a little bit of JavaScript in the player would print the whole document or just the slides I chose.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Charlie and Matney!

I'm interested to hear what Javascript experts recommend, but I'll offer up my simple recommendations!

If you're looking to print a page in Storyline, I'd recommend adding an Execute Javascript Trigger with a window.print(); This only prints the current page, so you might want to play around with other javascript to print more than that.

Another idea is to create a PDF with all of the questions and add a button to the slide with a trigger to Open File. 

I'd love to hear what you both come up with. I hope these simple steps will get you started!