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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer,

In case you needed a bit more information about how to update the slide titles within the menu itself, I wanted to point you to this tutorial and I've copied the relevant portion below:

The titles you see on the menu default to the scene titles and slide titles that you assigned to your slides in Story View (or in the slide thumbnail list in Normal View). You can adjust the text here in the Player Properties manager if you like. Any changes you make will not affect the titles you see in Story View or Normal View when you're working on your course, nor will the changes affect any actual text you've entered on the slides themselves.

To change a scene title or slide title on the menu, double-click a title and enter a new name.  Then press Enter on your keyboard.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Marc!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like you've imported a PowerPoint into Storyline. Some features aren't included when importing a PowerPoint into Storyline, and one of them is Slide Numbers.  Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what Slide Numbers you're referring to?

If you want to remove the slide numbers in the Menu, then head over to the Player! Here's a quick look at these steps.

Lastly, audio should transfer over! I'm happy to take a look at your project and test it on my end.

Marc Schaffer

I fixed it (work around). Just got back into articulate as I primarily am asked to use Captivate.

Have multiple feature requests in. I don’t feel as though the product line does what it should.

To be brief, I thing Presenter and Storyline features should be combined.

I do my research on tech issues and test prior to posting. My concerns were validated over the past few weeks during chats with both reps and folks online.

To be positive, the 2 features that do stand out for me are Review and stock media library.

Moving into demo and sims next. That test will be determine (again for me) which brand is better Adobe or Articulate.

Analogy - Which drill is better DeWalt or Milwaukee? They both will put in a screw.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marc,

It looks like you may replying via e-mail, so I cannot see the image that you've shared here.

You can attach it directly to your reply within the forums:

  • Can you explain what you are working on or hoping to accomplish?

When you add items to the slide in Storyline, the default for the items in the timeline is to 'Show Until End':