How to remove the hand cursor from the hot spot in the Test mode question slides?

Hi all,

I am relatively new to this world but enjoying eLearning thoroughly.

I am using Articulate Storyline- version 1 for a software simulation course...

At the moment I am having a problem with a small white hand that appears on the hot spot that is the correct response on certain icons on a screen cast. It is a question and has feedback slides as well if they get it wrong or correct. How can I ensure the hand mouse does not appear so the learner does not know the correct hot spot. I have tried the option on grey panel that appears when you right hands click the hot spot ..where I have already deselected the Show Mouse on Hover...but it still appears..... Any suggestions anybody. Thanks in advance


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Ben Piscopo

Just to follow on this one related to tests, is there an editing option with regard to the end-user experience clicking hotspots in quizmaker? The current experience involves a swirling target with a pulsating wave coming off of it. It takes some getting used to and I'm a little concerned that some end users will be confused without a prompt (e.g., a tool tip)

Alyssa Flores

So how do you get rid of the hand cursor from showing up in Test it Mode after a recording? The box was accidentally checked off. And I created new hot spots, thinking this would fix the issue and unchecked "Show hand cursor on hover". But still, when they hover over the answer the hand cursor shows up. Are there any real solutions that don't require me to recreate the 16 slides I worked on? Also, please don't link me some other questions with supposed solution that don't go over the issue. Thanks.

Alyssa Flores

Originally, when you do Test mode they give you around 3-4 options, none of which say whether or not you would like the hand cursor. It the attatched document, please view the Know It? (AkA Test Mode) and verify the settings. If there is something I'm missing when I first upload the video please let me know. Thank you.

Alyssa Flores

Those hot spots came automatically in the screen recording with the test mode steps.

In a older file (not the one I sent) I actually deleted those hot spots and tried replacing them with new one's thinking that this some how would give me more control of the hand cursor option. But it didn't work. The hand cursor still showed up. Thanks for you help on this. If it's a storyline thing, I can let my Manager know. But if there's other options that I'm missing, that would be nice to know too.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nancy,

This is a real puzzler. I thought the best way to explain what I am seeing in your file would be to record a video--have a look at it here!

I'm not sure why the hotspots on the slides you inserted show a hand cursor, and the slides I inserted do not. From here, I can bring this to my team and log it as a software bug. I'll also tag this thread to be updated as soon as we get any new information on this issue.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Kathy Waits

I am having this same issue.  I've tried a workaround adding a few different hotspots on the slide to throw off the user, but the cursor only shows up on the "correct" hotspot...not on all of them. I have tried turning on and off the option to show the cursor--still not working.  Any updates on the bug?  I am using Version 3.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Kathy,

I do not have any updates on this issue for Storyline 2.

You mention that you're using 'Version 3', so does that mean Storyline 3?

I cannot recreate this issue in Storyline 3, but if I import slides from Storyline 2 to upgrade, then I do see this error.

Was your project upgraded or does this happen in a newly created project as well?

Kathy Waits

I submitted a ticket with support,  This was the response: 

"This is the expected behavior when you've assigned a trigger such as the "Submit Interaction" to the hotspot. You can opt to add some additional incorrect hotspots to throw users off a bit."

Not very helpful, as this did not work.  I also submitted a request to fix this issue. It makes no sense to have a "test" mode if the student can see where the hand cursor in the spot where they are supposed to click.