How to report custom score variables to Scorm for tracking when publishing for an LMS

May 10, 2023

Hi everyone,

Not sure if there has been such a discussion before.  But I would like to know, how can I include custom score variables for tracking purposes when I publish for LMS deployment?  The only variables that pick up automatically are those for built-in graded questions.  I ask, because I built some game-like interactions and can only report the scores to a separate slide where the user can see it (results slide or a score card slide). Scorm will only report on built-in score variables e.g.  Pick One, Drag and Drop, Pick Many, etc.

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Lisa, 

Thanks for reaching out!

There are two methods that you can use to send variable data to an LMS, one that uses question slide, and another that uses xAPI statements. You'll find the instructions on how to do both here: 

Hope this helps!