How to track that user have clicked multiple hotspots to complete task?

I'm currently working on a course where the users have to click on three different hotspots.

The starting scene is where the three hotspots are located. Each hotspot activates a different scene and after 3 sec the user is returned to the starting scene.

The purpose is that the user needs to go through all three hotspots before they've completed the task. Right now the user is stuck in a loop where they can only click the three different hotspots and activate the different scenes.

How do I track that they've clicked all three hotspots so that they can actually complete the task and continue the course?

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Phil Mayor

More difficult with hotspots as they cannot have a visited state. 

I always use use offslide objects with a visited state and clicking the hotspot will change the respective one to listed and then unlock the next button based off of these visited states. I would ensure these are not in the tab order either.

You could also switch the hotspots to transparent rectangles with visited states.

Or use T/F variables one for each Hotspot and then unlock next when they are all true