HTML5 Mobile Play Button to Start in Storyline 360

Jan 29, 2019

I've published a Storyline 360 file to the web in HTML5 format. When loaded on a computer, the course starts normally as soon as the page loads. When viewed on a mobile device, however, there is a gray screen with a play button. The user must click that play button before the course starts.

Is it possible to change a setting or hack the file so that this gray play button does not appear? Thank you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian,

The "Play" button you see when opening Storyline content on a mobile device is standard behavior for all versions of Storyline. It's a part of how the course needs to launch the HTML5 output.

This discussion addresses removing that Play button, so it's worth a shot with your Storyline 360 output.  We can't support modifying the published output, so reaching out in that discussion or to those community members would be your best bet for troubleshooting those ideas!

Charlie Kranz

Hi Brian - Did you ever find a workaround?

I've seen threads that claim you can edit the .js files to remove this, however nothing works so far.

I'm facing a situation where Storyline delivers a perfect result on desktop but in mobiles I get that dreaded play button. Looks like I'll have to recreate everything in Adobe Animate CC!!