I can't figure out this visited state!!!

May 26, 2021

I have a one slide, interactive infographic. The points on the map are made up of several shadows, layers and an icon on top (shown in image 1). I am using built in states for the colored circle, the hover works perfectly. I did add an extra trigger-based state change for when the user hovers over the icon, it will still trigger the hover action for the colored circle. Otherwise, the user would hover over the circle with no issues but if they hovered exactly perfect on the icon, it didn't state change the colored part. 

I added the two triggers for each point in order to show the layer, first when they click on circle it will show layer AND when they click on the icon, it will show the layer. Otherwise same thing happens, if they happen to click the tiny icon instead of the circle it doesn't function. 

All this to say, I have to do it this way because you can't state change a group. If that would change with storyline my life would be much easier. 

PROBLEM LIES HERE: The visited state is not staying. I see it change when I  click for a split second until my layer populates. But then when I close the layer, the circle isn't showing the visited state. 

I've taken a picture of my trigger panel for the first 2 plot points (image2).

Any ideas?

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Gigi Dowden

So I just tested and IF I click the tiny areas that are the circle, the state change is working. So something is being tied up when I click the icon. It doesn't want to change the state of the colored circle (named: option_#) when I click the icon. Even though I have a trigger to tell it to.