Ideating on a password creation/trigger workflow

Aug 26, 2022

Hi all,

I'm trying to think about design at the top level before getting in 'too deep' on a solution that won't pan out. 

The client needs a site-embedded SL course (not LMS hosted) that grants entry to users with a password. However, we want each password to be unique to the user. Users will purchase the course using the client's website, where she sells other things. We don't want a consistent password that can get passed around, since the folks buying this course represent a pretty small community who might do so. The course is not very expensive, and it's fairly short, so hosting on an LMS (like TalentLMS) that offers pay-per-subscriber model doesn't really make sense. 

I'd like to use no-code tools to set this up behind the scenes.

Here's the flow that I'm thinking, but I wanted to get feedback before I go down the rabbit hole:

1. User signs up/pays on her website, and enters their email address when doing so. Data collected: email (text entry), date, paid yes/no.

2. That data goes to airtable or google sheets (use a zap to do so?). I'll call this the 'registration sheet' here.

3. Using another zap, I would duplicate the email address into the first column of another sheet [I'll call this the 'password sheet' here] and then generate a random string into column B [this becomes the user's unique password]. This row then gets emailed to the user via another zap.

3. In storyline, I create a text entry field on the first slide that solicits the email address. the 'submit' button runs some javascript code /jquery similar to the suggestions in this thread to find the appropriate cell of the password sheet:

4. [This is the part that I'm unsure about: how to get that data into a trigger.] The user then enters their unique password, which triggers the next button to become visible on 'submit.' 


Each of these steps is going to require some time. So I wanted feedback on whether this is all doomed from the start!


Many thanks,



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Phil Mayor

To do it this way the Google sheet has to be open to the public, there are examples on here that do this.

The main issue I would see is that storing emails on an open sheet would break GDPR rules, may not be an issue for you but if it is the fine is huge.

I would find it much easier to spin up a Wordpress site with a paywall and allow access that way via a sign in.

Walt Hamilton

I would input both address and password, and let JS do all the work.This gets a SL variable emailAddress  and password so JavaScript can use it.

var player=GetPlayer();
var JSaddress=player.GetVar("emailAddress");
var password=player.GetVar("userPassword");
Then load the appropriate information, and compare the passwords. If they match, set JSpasswordOK to true and send it back to SL