Image on Layer x is showing on Layer y

Aug 25, 2022

I seem to have a problem with my layers.

I've got a slide with 15 layers each with a different screenshot that needs showing.

The hotspots work on the layers as the text changes but the image stays the same. In fact, it's the same image on every layer. The images are SVGs

Has anyone else had this issue? I've attached the slide I'm battling with. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

Agree with Ron. A couple of ideas that may help, perhaps not with this project as it currently is:

  • You have a bitmap screenshot that you saved as .svg. SVG stands for scalable vector graphic and is not inserted on the screen like a bitmap, but drawn on the screen based on mathematical calculations. Thus, I suspect that the bitmap image is not a vector image is causing the issue. My guess on that.
  • Many of those images also have the same name which may cause some confusion. It makes it more challenging to troubleshoot when everything is the same name, but it may contribute to other issues. Just a thought there.