Importing Engage 360 into Storyline 360

Sep 18, 2017


I have been trying to import Engage interaction in to my Story line file, however, it just rejects. I always get the "screen attached " error. I am not sure what is wrong. Engage is not open anywhere, but it still asks me to make sure if Engage is open. 

Second, I tried inserting Engage interaction as Web Objects. It worked, however, the scroll and navigation buttons are still there. Whatever, I may try it just does not work. On top of it. When I publish my file the Web Objects fails to load even in the LMS. 


Please help.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anuj!

The file imported perfectly for me. You can see the published version here, since you cannot preview an Engage Interaction in Storyline.

The .story file that I used can be found here.

I'd advise to be sure that you are working with locally with both your software and your files. A repair of your Storyline and Studio may be in order as well.


Anuj Joshi

It's good to know it worked for you. However, I am trying to understand how did you do it.

Here are the steps that I follow.

1. Create interaction in Engage

2. Save and close it as Engage interaction and not publish ( .intr)

3. Launch Storyline 360 and click on Import

4. Locate .intr file and import.. ( Error: Engage file can be open )

The above steps didn't work for me.

I am curious how did you manage to import.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Anuj - I followed very similar steps with the file you shared with me:

  • Downloaded the file
  • Opened in Engage to verify it was working,
  • Closed Engage
  • Open Storyline and Import same Engage file

That's why I pointed back to repairing your software as it does not seem to be an issue with the file.

Susan Khamis

I'm having the same issues as Anuj.

I am using Storyline 360 and Engage 360

Import Engage 360 errorI receive an "Insert Slides error: Could Not Import the Engage interaction. Please make sure the file isn't already open in engage."

I have updated Articulate several times.  The Engage file and Storyline files are both saved on my hard drive within the same folder.

Is there a way we can insert the Engage interaction templates via Storyline instead of using Engage 360?


Lauren Connelly

Hello Susan!

I'd love to help! I just tested this on my end, and I'm not running into an error message when importing an Engage 360 interaction into Storyline 360. Can you make sure you're saving the Engage 360 project to your local drive before importing it into Storyline 360? 

If you'd like me to test your project on my end, you can attach the .intr file to this discussion.

Kathryn Owler

I've been able to create a Storyline project from my Presenter PP slides. Before doing so I checked that the Aspect Ratio for Storyline was the same aspect ratio as the PP slides. However, there is an Engage file as part of the Presenter/PP and while I can view it once published, the ratio seems a bit different and has a white space on each side of it (see picture attached). Is there any way of changing this? Thanks, Kathryn

Jose Tansengco

Hi Kathryn,

Thanks for the screenshot!

Looks like you need to resize your Engage 360 interaction to match the size of your PowerPoint slides. Here's how: 

Once you've resized your Engage 360 file, re-import it back to your Presenter 360 file to see if the aspect ratios now match. 

Hope this helps!