Importing google slides into storyline

Aug 16, 2018

I know how to import powerpoint slides in storyline 3. However my company does not work with office and solely uses google. I have made course presentations in google slides. To slowly shift to more interactive courses, I would like to import the already existing course presentations from google slides into storyline 3. Is there any option to do this?

I am sorry if this is asked before. I have read multiple discussions on importing information from google drive, but I couldn't find an answer to this specific question.

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Diane Mora


I, too, would be very interested in this feature. 

As a public education K12 curriculum writer I am pretty well locked in to using G-Suite (including Google Slides) because the school district also relies on Google Classroom as its LMS.

While I'm also fluent in Microsoft's Powerpoint, Storyline's current inability to integrate Google Slides is probably one of the biggest barriers preventing thousands of K12 educators and curriculum writers from utilizing Storyline.

From my perspective, you're missing a huge market of users in the meantime. Fortune predicts, "Overall education technology spending globally will reach $19 billion by 2019." While I understand that Storyline prides itself on being a business tool for trainers, there are a LOT of potential Storyline subscriptions waiting for a Google-Storyline integration.

Sign me up if you ever need an educator to test drive. And definitely sign me up when you finally  bridge the Google / Storyline gap.


Diane Mora


Jørn Olsen

Hi all, 

Last week Google had yet another update and now its not possible to choose "Open with PowerPoint" from my drive(or any other Google drive I have access to) even though the files are stored as ppsx files. I have of course sent a feedback to Google that I need that function back but...

I have found a way to go around it but it takse a lot of time. First I have to send the file(s) to my private email, then save it(without opening it) it on my computer, open PowerPoint, choose new, find each single file and then start editing and use Articulate. Saving it on my Google drive is faster, it`s is just click and drag.

When could we expect Articulate to include Google Sheets?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian and Jørn,

It's been a while since we've responded here, so I wanted to pop in and let you know this is still an open feature request. We are continuing to track user requests. I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests.

This has not made our immediate roadmap, so I do not have any additional information to provide. This conversation is attached so that we can share any updates with you here in the future.

Articulate 360 Feature Roadmap


I would love to make this request as well! I use Google slides 100% of the time for K-12 and the University setting. This has been a huge barrier to me getting started on Storyline. i am also a Mac user. I am looking forward to the integration with Macs as well as with Google Suite. 

Thank you.