Importing Quiz Results Slide - Missing Built In Variables - Storyline 360

Oct 21, 2021

Hello everyone!

When I import a results slide from another project, the triggers for "Show layer Success" and "Show Layer Failure" get stripped out and I'm left with the expected "unassigned" notices in the triggers panel.

When I attempt to re assign the triggers, using the built in variables Results.ScorePercent & Results.PassPercent the variables do not appear. In fact NONE of the "built in" variables dealing with results appear.

If I add another results slide (from the built in options or a template) I get the built in variables drop down on both my originally imported results slide and the built in results slide.

I can manually reassign my imported results slide variables at that point. However, if I delete the built in results slide, I lose the built in variables again. 

I'm at a total loss and hoping someone has some insight...

Thanks everyone!


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Serko,

Importing a Results slide doesn't work (as you found out). The current SL file doesn't recognize the imported variables. 

It's always best to insert a new Results slide. Then Storyline will automatically create the standard scoring variables. 

If you prefer the layout of the Results in a different files, just set your new Results layout to blank, copy the objects from the other Results, paste those objects on the new Results, and then edit the text as needed to refer to the proper variables.