Infinity Percent?

I have a learner that's stuck on a quick quiz. He gets all of the questions right, but it marks him as scoring Infinity% (30 points). The passing score is listed as 100% (0 points) in the course. However, in the storyline file, everything looks correct and the quiz functions perfectly. No one on my team has ever seen this, and we're truly at a loss. Any ideas? Screenshot attached shows the course next to the storyline preview.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kelly!

So sorry you've run into this! I've seen this happen recently, specifically when a file contains multiple results slides. This is something we've logged as a software bug, and our team is looking into a solution.

Would you mind sharing your file with our team so we can verify that this bug is affecting your file? You can send it to us by opening a case here. Be sure to also let us know which version of Storyline you're using.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Philip,

No update on this issue yet, but we'll keep you posted here. It seems that this only occurs when using the "Submit all at Once" option, so if you could use the "Submit one at a time" that's a possible solution.

If others here in the community have similar ideas to share, I hope they're able to here! 

Philip Deer

Thank you , Ashley.

I realized I can use the normal reporting function and avoid this error since all questions are in one scene. We are just giving a breakdown based on how they did per topic on the exam so we use multiple results slides to create a separate score for each subject matter.

All good. No more infinity score.