Insert equations into questions ... for example multiple choice

May 12, 2018

In the storyline 3 version for 2018, the utility of inserting tables was annexed and that is very good, my question for the designers is: why was not an equation editor for storyline 3 contemplated ?, that would have been fabulous. For example, the Wondershare QuizCreator software brings its integrated equation editor, why not storyline ?.

I hope this comment is useful.

Sorry for my English.

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Mourad Chirchi


The absence of an equation editor, of the possibility to insert symbols and special characters as well as the very limited features of the regular text editor are a serious handicap in RISE. I hope that those improvements will be made soon. They have been the subject of feature requests for a long time. I just love RISE, and hate to have to turn elsewhere at one point because of these shortcomings. I waste so much time due to the limited text formatting options. It is very frustrating to work with screen captures for equations. They do not align well with text. I use subscript to bring them down a bit, but that only slightly improves things. For fractions, the problem is much bigger. Finally, while using screen captures for equations might look somewhat OK in desktop view mode, in mobile view modes the result is very far from satisfactory.


Alyssa Gomez

Hello Mourad!

I know a few other users have asked for math equation support in Rise, so we're tracking those requests to look at the potential of this as a feature.

I'll add your discussion to that list, and I hope that others in the community are able to share what they've done to add math equations to their Rise courses in a way that saves time and looks great in all formats. 

Courtney Boschmann


Thanks for the response.

I just wonder - I was able to find posts as far back as 2015 asking for equations with the same response.

We are looking at purchasing licenses for our institute and, being the math department, will only consider it if equations are viable.

Can you provide any further information regarding if this is currently deemed an important enough issue to work on or if has not yet met the requirements to be forwarded to your developers?

Thank you
Courtney Boschmann

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Courtney,

It's still an open feature, so the more we hear from authors like yourself, the better! Here's a bit more insight into how ideas make it from a feature request to our roadmap, and as soon as we're able to share more details, we'll let folks know. Until that point, we don't have a public roadmap for folks to see where a feature stands in the pipeline. 

Kyle Gomon

I am also looking for an equation editor. I am creating a tool within my course that will have learners rate themselves after reading statements (i.e. "I avoid difficult encounters with my peers.") using a Likert scale, which will be assigned a variable given the value (1-5) that they enter.  I have that entry and variable assignment figured out. But I need a results slide to total their results, then calculate an average so that they can see where they fall in the different Conflict resolution styles.

Felix Franke

Hin Kyle, thanks for backing this.

I have the impression we mean two different things though. What we were talking about above was a way to edit mathematical equations on a slide, basically show them. You are looking for a way to calculate some value in the background and use the result, right?

I can imagine something like that is already possible. If you create a results page and look at the editing possibilities you have there, I can imagine you can find what you are looking for.

I haven't done this myself but that is where I would start.