Is it possible to create adaptive learning paths within Storyline?

Hi, I recently started to explore Articulate Storyline because I am looking for an authoring tool that can help me create adaptive learning paths. I wish to give tutorials and tests, and I want the test results to decide if the participants are allowed to move to a more advanced level or not. Is this possible? Also, is it possible to write mathematic symbols within the tests?



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Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Torunn

Charles shared a great example of adaptive learning right over here that I'd encourage you to check out. 

And right now, you can insert symbols through regular Storyline slides, but the quiz slides are limited to keyboard symbols. Please feel free to submit a feature request to see more symbol implementation in our future versions.

Thanks Torunn, and let us know if you have any other questions!

Jana Menge

Hi, I would like to create a course with three different learning paths and I´m wondering what might be the best way to approach it. I`m quite new to Storyline, therefore your feedback is very much appreciated.

Based on the learners’ choice on the first slide (clicks button “Path A”, “Path B” or “Path C”) all learner will work through the same slides, but the displayed content for each slide will sometimes be a little bit different. This is why I would love to use a base layer and add one additional layer for each path on top of it. So let’s say the learner made the choice for Path A at the beginning of the course, each slide should automatically open the base layer with layer A already on top.

How do I trigger an action (show layer “path A” when “timeline starts” based on an interaction on another slide [user clicked “path A” on the first slide])?

Is there another, maybe smarter/more simple way to do all of that?


Thanks a lot for your help!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jana

you could use a T/at variable for each path.

1. create 3 T/F variables all default False

2. On selection slide set 3 triggers Adjust Path A =true when user clicks PathA - repeat for other two path.

3. On the first slide of the combined info add these 3 triggers

Show layer A when timeline starts on slide x on condition PathA=true

Show layer B when timeline starts on slide x on condition PathB=true

Show layer C when timeline starts on slide x on condition PathC=true

that should get you started - shout out if you need more help