Is it possible to save or export slide to .pdf or .jpg?

Apr 26, 2017

Hello everyone,

I have a certificate that I want users to download upon completion of a class. The slide is an image of a certificate. The name of the user and the date is provided via variables.

I know that a slide can print automatically with the help of java, but browsers all print differently and the result is some of the slide is getting cut off. I also know that most browsers give users the option to save as a .pdf, but my users are not the most computer savvy users, and so I would like to minimize the effort on their part.

Is it possible to have a slide export to .pdf or .jpg? Ideally, I would like the users to click a button to generate the file and then select where they want to save the file. 

Thanks in advance!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jennifer,

While that feature isn’t currently on our development roadmap, we are working on big improvements that will be helpful for the majority of our customers. You’ll see those rolling out soon! 

And if you're wondering how we manage all of the great feature ideas we receive, check out our process here!

Angie Jensen

Following up to see if there is yet the capability to save a slide as an image. Similar to how you can publish a single scene to be used within Rise, I'm wanting to create an image to use in Rise. Wondering if I can do this in Storyline, publish it as an image (instead of a storyline file) and use it in Rise. Or, any ideas on how to do something like this? I am hoping to use the characters in Storyline for the image.

Jason Thompson

Hi Adriel,

If you're just wanting to use the characters from Storyline in Rise, we've been able to do this by right clicking on the picture/character and 'export picture > save picture'.  This seems to keep the transparent background for the characters. If you want the whole slide with a character on it, I'm afraid the best we've come up with is making the slide as big as possible (for higher resolution) and using the Windows 'snipping tool' to capture it.  Hope that helps, Cheers!

Marek Jędryka

There is a workaround. It's best if your story size is full HD (1920x1080) to ensure high quality of the image. Then you just need to follow few simple steps:

1. Once you want to export your entire slide to .png or .jpg you publish the course to Word.

2. Then you right-click on the slide image in the Word doc and choose "Save as Picture..."

3. After that you just save it as .png or .jpg, and end up with a high quality image to be re-used as a hand-out etc. :)

John Morgan

Hi, Bob!

While there isn't a way to export a slide to JPEG in Storyline 360 yet, there is a workaround.

Follow these steps:

1. In the Home tab, click Publish

2. Click Word, then click PUBLISH

3. Open the newly export Word document

4. Right click an image

5. Click Save picture as

6. Choose PNG or JPEG

TIP: For the best quality image, make sure your slides are at full HD (1920x1080) resolution.

Thanks for reaching out!!

Jason Thompson

Hi Bob,

Sorry just revisiting this thread and saw your comment.  Storyline has released an update that allows you to 'print' any slide now. While not 'saving' per se, all the browsers I'm aware of do let you 'print to PDF' which essentially just saves the slide as a pdf. May need some additional instructions for the learner to walk them through it, but they could definitely work through your interaction to build their avatar and then 'print to pdf' to save what they have built.  You can even set the 'print' function to a layer which is pretty handy. Hope it's helpful, cheers

Daniel Hinssen

Here's an additional workaround to avoid manually "saving as" each image.

Once you have the Word document, easily access the images within by changing the file extension from ".docx" to ".zip". Click yes to allow change, then unzip the folder. Now, navigate to the 'word' folder within, then 'media'. All images from the document live here now - you can copy/rename like a normal image, as well as use a conversion/merging tool to create a PDF with select/all images. Hope this helps!