Is there a way to save notes from Storyline to a text or Word file

Hi community.

I'm working on a project that requires the script to be developed in parallel to the visual content so it makes sense to do this by writing the script in the notes pane of Storyline.

The script then needs to be recorded in an off-site 3rd party professional studio and the audio bought back into Storyline.

The issue I have is that the studio doesn't have Storyline so I need to deliver a script to them in text form.  Is there a way to avoid having to go through every one of the 100 or so slides to manually copy and paste the text from Storyline to an external document?

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Jamie Garroch

Thank you Peter for taking the time to talk to such a dummy!  I looked all over the ribbon controls and the 'backstage' options for an export option plus searching the forum and never even considered the obvious publish button staring me in the face.  What an idiot!

Thanks for the pointer - that does exactly what the studio needs  Enjoy your weekend with smarter folks!

Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Yvonne. There currently isn't an option that would only give you the notes. However, when you publish to Word, you can choose to include the notes or not - and then you could remove all the images/visuals of the slides themselves. And if this is something you'd like to see made available in the future, you are welcome to share your thoughts with our Product Team here via this Feature Request Form.