Issue with text formatting of drag and drop items

Hi everyone,

I have often found with my drag and drop interactions that when items are dropped, sometimes the text does not appear correctly formatted. It sometimes appears as white text with a shadow which is difficult to read against a white background. This also not how the items have been formatted.

This happens intermittently for various items. Sometimes they do appear with the correct formatting. 

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Becca Levan

Thanks for the screenshots, Louisa!

Since you mention this behavior is intermittent, could I have you try importing the slides into a new blank Storyline file to see if that helps? If that doesn't do the trick, I'd love to take a peek at your file if possible. You can share it in this discussion or privately here!

Looking forward to your response so we can figure this out!

Adam Cochran


I'm not sure why this is doing what it's doing. I tried to experiment with the states and the only way I could get this to stop happening is to:

(Internal audits - drop correct)

  1. duplicate the "Down" state and create a "Drop Correct 2"
  2. reformatted it based on the colors for "Drop Correct"
  3. copied the checkmark and pasted it into "Drop Correct 2"
  4. deleted "Drop Correct"
  5. duplicated "Drop Correct 2" and renamed it to "Drop Correct"
  6. deleted "Drop Correct 2"

(Internal audits - drop incorrect)

  1. duplicate the "Down" state and create a "Drop Incorrect 2"
  2. reformatted it based on the colors for "Drop Incorrect 2"
  3. copied the x mark and pasted it into "Drop Incorrect 2"
  4. deleted "Drop Incorrect"
  5. duplicated "Drop Incorrect 2" and renamed it to "Drop Incorrect"
  6. deleted "Drop Incorrect 2"

Can you test this version to see if Internal audits is working consistently and not showing the text shadows? Hope this helps!