Issue with "User presses a key" trigger

Oct 17, 2022

Hi there, I am building a simulation for a client and there is one interaction where the learner will need to press the Windows key + R on their keyboard. I am trying to add a trigger to show a layer when they do this but it is not letting me select the Win key as a valid key in the trigger options. Does anyone know why this is or, better yet, how to fix it?

Thanks as always.

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Robert Stryker

Hi Mary,

While Ctrl + R and Alt + R appear to be supported by "user presses a key" triggers, I suspect adding the Windows key into the mix will invariably cause the Windows operating system to take focus away from your course window.

When I've faced this sort of limitation in the past, I have resorted to either describing the step, saying something like: "Because of OS constraints that supersede the capabilities of this simulation, this step has been done for you."

Alternatively, I've created a graphic of the keys involved in a sectioned off area of the interface and had participants click the graphic in lieu of pressing the keys on the keyboard.

Hope this helps!