Issues with Web Object and Inserting Video from Internet

Aug 11, 2022

I am using 360 to create a training and on one of the slides I have two icons that each lead to a different lightbox (the user gets to choose whichever they want and it doesn't matter which you choose to advance to the next slide). The user will then watch a YouTube video before being allowed to advance. On each lightbox I have a web object with the URL "" and the appropriate video ID at the end (as instructed in an article I found on this site). When I test the link it works, but when I publish and test in our LMS the lightbox opens as a gray box. 

I saw a suggestion of just inserting a video from the internet, and I copied the embed code from YouTube on each lightbox slide instead. However, when I try to insert the video directly in this way my file won't publish (I get an message that Storyline ran into an error and requests feedback before submitting). 

Has anyone run into this? Any suggestions?

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