It is 2021 and we still can't upload Storyline into SharePoint?

Sep 17, 2021

Seems odd that there are thousands of post with the same issue yet there is no official guidance, job aid or best practices document on the issue from Articulate. I have looked through hundreds of post with pieces of information but none have panned out for me or others. We all get the same - the item downloads or the page is blank with a download option.

Please don't point me to another post as I have seen/tried them all.

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Judy Nollet

For one of my clients, I used to load courses on SharePoint all the time. I'd give folks the URL to the story.html file, and they could go through the course. I never had a problem with that. 

Thus, it seems likely that this issue is connected to how a given SharePoint site is set up. I'm not familiar with SharePoint settings, but my best guess is that there's something that controls whether the site acts as a file repository or whether it can also act as a web server. 

I can understand why Articulate doesn't offer "official guidance" on SharePoint or on specific LMS's. There are simply too many variables out of their control.