Jump to URL/file trigger inconsistencies on the iPad


In Storyline 2, I have this setup for resources(as follows):

- Master slide has a button which shows a layer containing links to external files

- the layer with external files is set to pause timeline and prevent clicking on the base layer

- All slides in the course are set to "reset to initial state".


When published as html, the correct behavior happens on the desktop (external link is opened on a new window while the slide's audio and timeline animations are paused. On the iPad (using Articulate Mobile Player), after the external file is loaded on a browser app, when you return to the slide on AMP, the audio and animations resume.


Am I missing something here? Is there a way for both platforms to have the same correct behavior? Or is this a limitation on AMP where the app has no control when switching applications and forces resume?


I've attached a sample slide from the module. Hope someone can help soon!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Raphy,

I want to be clear that I'm understanding what you're seeing as you test your file:

When viewing the published content in the HTML file and you open the link:

  • It opens in a new window
  • The user sees Storyline course in a separate window, and it's paused
  • When they close the new window where the hyperlink resides, they're returned to the course and the slide restarts? 

As opposed to viewing in the AMP on your iPad:

  • The user returns to the course and the audio and slide picks up where if left off? 
Raphy Abano

Hi Emily/Ashley,

Thanks for the link to the output options!

To clarify on the published content, when viewed as HTML, it's all correct except the last point - when they close the window where the hyperlink resides and return to the SL course in a separate window, the course is still paused.

On the iPad, when they return to the course, the text/images on the timeline resume even if the audio is still paused.


I found a workaround from this thread which seems to work fine now - we haven't encountered a client who would view it on an Android tablet, so this approach should be okay for now. All the same, if there's something that can be done with the .story file I sent, that would be great!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Raphy,

That link doesn't open for me - it just goes to a general community.articulate.com page. Within your storyline course I don't see where you were providing a link that isn't working for you within publish - as Emily mentioned the  "Jump to file/URL trigger" is not supported in the AMP, so it may not work as designed, but since it sounds like the HTML file is what is behaving differently than you'd expect we'd want to take a look at that. 

Raphy Abano

Hi Ashley,

Hmm, that's odd. I could have sworn that the link I put was from our test site (it's supposed to be a pdf on that site), I'm not sure why the URL would change.

Anyway, I think I'll just use the workaround (showing it pdf links as a web object) for now as it's working well on desktop and iPad. Thanks for looking into it all the same. :)