Lastest Version of Storyline - Bug / change in "Submit" button for matching questions

May 25, 2021

Hello - The courses I work on use matching questions, and have it set so that the Submit button is disabled until the user checks off an appropriate number of selections.  It is then supposed to change to the "Normal" state.   Since downloading and using the latest version of Storyline (3.52.25156.0) however this interaction does not work.  The user selects the appropriate number of selections, and the submit button stays on the "Disabled" state. 

Co-workers who have an older version of storyline are able to open the same file, and get the slide to work properly.  Just those of us with the latest version cannot.  

With the latest version, was there a change in how matching questions work? 

If need be, I can provide a generalized example .story file. 


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