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Aug 30, 2022

I have imported a Storyline free-response block in my Rise course, but I'm having difficulty allowing the learner to review their responses once they've exited the course and re-entered. Is there a possibility in Storyline (or Rise) that will allow the learner to review their responses in the Storyline block that they've submitted after they've exited and re-entered the course? 

Thank you for your help!

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Alisia, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

An embedded Storyline 360 block in a Rise 360 course does not have the option to resume because of the way the Storyline 360 course was published. A requirement for embedding a Storyline 360 block in a Rise 360 course is to publish it to Review 360, which unfortunately limits the resume behavior for the course. 

If you need the response of your learner to be recorded and available for resume, consider using one of Rise 360's built-in questions instead. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Jennifer Stein

I was hoping to do a similar thing but it relies on the user being able to (re)enter the same Storyline project from multiple entry points in the RISE course and then being able to print (or save) their compiled module reflections. I guess this won't work :(. The learner will really need to be able to re-enter the course and see their comments.

Has this very creative community come up with any workarounds?

Another question, if you publish the Storyline course independently (not on Review) for the web and then provide a link in the RISE course would it work (my guess is yes). and then is there anyway to generate embed code for a web-published Storyline project (my guess is no)


Any hope for this type of functionality in the near-ish future?

Joe Tansengco

Hi Jennifer, 

Welcome to the discussion! 

Yes, one alternative that you if you'd to record your learner's responses in Storyline 360 is to first publish your Storyline 360 course for LMS distribution, and then embed it using an embed block in Rise 360. One limitation is that the actual Storyline 360 course wouldn't be visible, but would instead look like this: 

There isn't anyway to generate an embed code for web-published Storyline 360 courses, but you can easily do this by creating your own iframe code. You can check out this page to know more about how to create your own iframe codes for your web hosted Storyline 360 courses. 

Hope this helps!