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Darren Cayard

Hello Anne- 

I did some digging on this issue. I ended up recreating what are you trying to do and it does seem that using a hyperlink in the marker title doesn't work correctly but using it in the body of the marker works fine. I've scoured around and found that this problem is a known bug in Storyline360 and it looks like the Articulate team is aware of it. Here is the thread I found the information.

Hopefully this adds some clarity!

Good luck!



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Anne,

I'm glad that Darren was able to pop in and help you here.

He is correct. Our team is looking into an issue where hyperlinks in the marker header text area don't work correctly, but hyperlinks within the body text area should work fine. 

I've added this conversation to our report so that we can share any updates with you here.