Lock slide order?

May 18, 2015

I am wondering if it is possible to lock the slide order in Storyline. I feel like there used to be a feature to do this, but I can't seem to remember how to access it, perhaps it's gone, or maybe I'm imagining things.

Anyway, it seems REALLY EASY to accidentally move slides out of order in story view or in the mini-story view on the slide editing panel. Being able to lock the order once the skeleton is built seems like a pretty basic feature. What am I missing?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kate,

If you're looking for a way to lock it while editing, I can't think of what feature/element you may be referring to. There isn't a way to stop, you or another author from moving them around while editing, although you can lock items on an individual slide. Maybe that's the part you're thinking of? Here is additional information on how to work within Story view. 

Kate B

Thanks, Ashley. I'm familiar with locking items on a slide. I know I wanted a slide order lock feature back in the beginning, so I guess I conflated that intense desire to be able to stop the slides from jumping around at the slightest disturbance with something that actually existed.

It might be useful in future iterations to add a lock next to each slide in story view to prevent slides from being rearranged accidentally. Getting stuff all out of order accidentally is certainly more likely to happen to me than messing up a timeline by deleting or moving something, and we've got locks there. The people I've worked with using this program have voiced similar concerns, so I know it isn't just me. Just a suggestion.

Leanne Reynolds

I also have trouble with slides moving! If I click on a slide in story view for slightly too long (0.001 of a second!) it changes the "Jump to [my chosen slide]" to whatever it wants. This means I have to spend so long checking all these special branching slides before I export every time. Please add this feature! It would save so much time and frustration. Thank you :)

Madison Jurgens

Definitely adding my voice to the request for a slide locking feature. I'll frequently stumble upon a slide that is obviously out of order and think "How did you get there. Wait, where do you even go?" or I'll be previewing and suddenly there's something obviously missing, but I have no idea where it went.

Lindsey Neumayer

Coming here this year to echo the need for a lock slide order feature.

Yeah, I can use jump to slide name, but it can still move out of order, with the smallest mouse bump.  I've now lost over an hour of time re-ordering slides that I meticulously placed in a specific order. A lock slide order feature would be SO HELPFUL.