looping slider

Mar 07, 2023

I have a object that I took photos of it rotating 360 degrees and set up a slider so it will step through each picture.  Is there a way to get the slider when it gets to the end last picture to jump back to the first pic and return the slider back to the first position on the slider.

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Ken Flieger

You could use a web object HTML page and JavaScript. After seeing product rotation coding by very amateur programmers who use thousands of lines of code, I submit my code to Codepen to save paper.
Note: the image is of a shoe side by side (one very width jpg) rather than individual images. It is in base64 raw image code since CodePen wants money to save images to their server.


Michael Carlino

Tom thanks for the tutorial it gives me a few ideas but what if I want the user to do it manually all the way and when they get to the end of the slider it resets to the beginning.  I can figure out how the picture jumps but how do I get the slider object to have the drag button start at the beginning?

Michael Carlino

Thank you the the community in helping me now I I was able to get the image slider to loop which is great.  So now to take this a step further.  

I would like to convert this to JavaScript or use GSAP in some way.   

I am continuing to evolve this and learn from it.  Ultimate goal would be to also replace the slider and use some sort of drag function.