Low memory and parameter not valid

I am sad...first I thought it was because my old computer but now after buying myself the newest HP OMEN game computer also has trouble I am desperately looking for the ultimate solution.

Problem: is project could not be saved, Low memory and parameter not valid.

I have seen this problem before here, so I have already done the follwing:

-delete Temp files like appdata and temp of  storyline,

-use the latest update version of storyline 3,

-close other programs,

-simple name (not to much or difficult characters) on C or D saved,

-I close my computer over night.

Nothing works, even though sometimes it saves normal and the other moment not. So I have recoverd and done some slides triggers over and over again. My project is like 55.000 kB or 75.000 kB not that big I assume.

windows 10 and my computer is Windows C: 167 GB of 237 GB left and DATA D: 681 GB of 916 GB left and Intel Core i& 8750H CPU 2.20DHz and RAm 16,0 GB and 64 bits processor.

What I dont understand is the advanced system settings, how to make that bigger or so, see picture, I have tried but that might be not as the example done.

Hope you understand my Dutch English;)

thanks Patricia




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