Magnifying glass effect?

Jan 07, 2013


I'm curious is there a way to do something like a magnifying glass effect?

I think the example above is the effect I want (shape of the glass can be rectangular)

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Lisa van der Westhuizen

I see this post is older than 2 years.  I too have the same query.  The zoom tool in 360 is still the same and cannot be applied on a layer, only to a slide.  I'm trying to make a map interactive, but will need the use of a magnifying glass effect so that the user can magnify areas at his own discretion.

Julian Stubbs

Hi Alyssa,

Just looking at this feed (I know it's a bit old).  So, I use the zoom image feature on images I want to enlarge with a magnifying glass, but what about a graph I have imported from PowerPoint that is editable in Storyline? I'd like to be able to put a magnifying glass on that, but the option is not available as it's not an image. The zoom area effect just creates an automatic zoom on the area when the slide starts. Is there an option I'm missing to Zoom area in the same way you zoom image? 



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Julian!

I have a couple of ideas for you...

  1. Right-click the table in Storyline, and select 'Save as Picture'. This will save the graph as a PNG image file. Then, insert the picture on your Storyline slide, and apply the zoom image feature.

  2. Create your own zoom manually by adding a layer to the slide, then copy/paste the graph from the base to the slide layer. Increase the size of the graph on the slide layer so it appears 'zoomed'. Finally, add a button on the base to open the slide layer when the user clicks it.