Making a Drag and Drop Score as Correct Using Triggers

Jul 07, 2021

More information below, but my basic question is is there any way to mark a drag and drop as correct using triggers instead of having the user actually drag the item?

Unfortunately I can't post my file, but I am working on a set of complex quiz questions that involve drag and drops with multiple correct answers. I'm trying to use the freeform drag and drop format, but for it to work correctly I need the "Correct" drag and drop combination to be off screen and selected using triggers when the user submits the question. When I use two triggers that say "when the user clicks submit change the state of 'drop correct rectangle' to 'drop correct' if the state of 'drop 1' = 'correct'" and "when the user clicks submit change the state of 'drag correct rectangle' to 'drag correct' if the state of 'drop 1 = correct'" it still marks it as incorrect. I placed this trigger before the "submit drag and drop" trigger and also made sure that those two were the only full set of drag and drops. I have a bunch of other "decoy" drags that change the state of the drop rectangles to be correct. 


I also tried using the "select one" freeform workaround for this, but the problem with that is I don't see any way to limit drop targets to only one drag. Since users can drop multiple drags on the same drop and then remove them, it is possible to be marked as incorrect even when the correct answer is matched up. If there is a way to edit the drag and drop functionality to make it only one drag per drop when you make drag and drops using triggers instead of the actual question type that would be a solution as well.

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Walt Hamilton

This is way too complex for description. Without seeing it, I can't imagine how the learner can drag something off the screen before dropping it. How does drop1 change to Drop Correct state if it isn't dropped?

I have two suggestions. Either create a sanitized version of just that slide and post it here, or see if you can get any ideas from the sample at this post: 

I doubt that it will help you, because all the dragging action takes place on the screen.

Aiden Trigg-Hauger

I'm going to try using the variable method in the example you posted, which could potentially fulfill my needs. I don't need to move the drag and drops using triggers if I am able to make it only one drag per drop, which the variable example you posted is. I'll post an update if I am able to solve it.

Aiden Trigg-Hauger

Due to time constraints I ended up just making a blocker that is activated when any drag item is dropped on the drop. This prevents the user from removing a drop once it is placed. I then added a reset button (thanks for the example) so that they have to reset the entire question if they want to change their answer. It's a workaround instead of a full solution but it fixed the problem.