Marking or Flagging or Bookmarking Slides

Jun 05, 2022

Hello everyone. I have already read tons of material in this wonderful learning space but I still haven't been able to find an answer to what I need (I really do) so I decided to ask you:
I have a course published in Moodle with 300 slides organized in 10 scenes (+/-).
It would be great if students could mark/unmark slides they would like to return to for review (as Favorites in the web browser). Of course, these bookmarks should be able to be saved and displayed in a personal list.
Can this be done using only Storyline?
-> YES => can you give me some advice or example?
-> NO => can you give me some indication where to go?

Any idea is welcome! Thank you very much!!

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Tarzan, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

While there is currently no way for users to bookmark slides to return to for future review, I have submitted a feature request for this on your behalf, and we will be sure to update you if this makes it onto our feature roadmap!

For more information, here's how we manage feature requests

Andrea Koehntop

Hi again Tarzan! 

The article you shared regarding the bookmark feature in Presenter includes a link to our feature request submission form. On that form, people can submit a request to have a feature added that would be beneficial in Articulate applications. 

I do not see that anyone has submitted a feature request to have the bookmark feature similar to what you are asking, but I submitted one on your behalf now!

For a little more background, here's how we manage the feature requests we receive

We will keep you in the loop if this makes it onto our features roadmap in the future! 

Tarzan Chita

Andrea, Thank you very much for your answer and for placing the order on my behalf!
Searching on this subject I have seen "many users" who want this feature... but I understand that they have not spent time to write the request :/ (like me hehe)

I must assume that the answer to my question is NO? => "At least is there a possibility to control the "" action with Javascript?"