Master Slide for Quizzing

Hello Storyline forum, 

As far as I can tell, there is no method for me to define a master slide for a quiz. Can anyone confirm this?

A bit more detail:

I am using multiple choice questions (although the same principle would apply to any quiz object).

I want to define a custom default position for the question text and responses

I can't find a maintainable way to do it - I can create my desired layout on the slide and duplicate ad nauseum but then I am left with several unique instances which will need to be individually edited should I need to tweak anything.

Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

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Sherri Sagers

I'm sort of new at this, but I have had the most luck when I copy or modify the existing quiz question layout slide (under the main master slide), being careful only to modify the text holder fields there (not deleting or adding new ones). If I'm careful to do that, then it seems that the master/layout slides work fairly well for the quiz questions. 

Working with the master slides in Storyline is a little confusing if you're coming at it from PPT master slide frame of mind because they don't work exactly the same.