Matching Drop Down - How to add more options

May 07, 2019

Hi, i making a Quiz  Matching Drop Down where the student need to select the right options, there are 2 questions, and they have only 2 options to select. I want to add 2 more answers  "wrong answers to select just to add more difficult".

Someone know how can i add more answers to select but without add more questions in this kind of slide?

Thanks in advance

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Ren Gomez

Hi Marco,

I believe in that question type each item must have a matching response to appear in the list. In Form View, I tried to 'trick it' by adding a blank space in the question area with an answer, but that resulted in too many drop-down bars.

Have you tried a freeform drag and drop question? That should allow you to add more answers than questions. Here’s a built-in template called Axis I downloaded from the Content Library that has 4 answer choices. I removed 2 question and placement boxes so it looks like there are more choices than questions. Maybe this can help!

Marco Lara

Thanks both. Yes Ren i also have tried other type of slides, like multiple choice, but my client have a request that there must be 1 question per slide and a lot of answers to select, where just 1 is the correct. So in multiple choice the size of the screen wont allow me to add a lot of choices, Matching Drop Down have the perfect design to add a lot of answers  to select. But there must be a way to do this.

Ren Gomez

Thanks for sharing your samples Marco, I understand why you'd like to use the drop-down. Take a peek at this article on creating your own drop-down lists. If this doesn't help, perhaps someone in the community can suggest a good workaround to this question type.

I think it's a great design. Maybe you can submit a feature request and be able to easily add choices in the future!

Kelly Auner

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