Matching slide timeline length to video length in SL2

Note: I have submitted a feature request on this issue, and hopefully this won't be a problem in the future, but in the meantime, I suppose this is a decent enough workaround (although it is somewhat cumbersome). Also, if you have a better workaround, PLEASE let me know.


Unfortunately, SL has some limitations when it comes to the player timeline.

Key among those limitations is the problem of matching a timeline to the length of media. This becomes an issue when building a sample slide for repeated use. If I create a video slide, and then later copy the slide for use with a different video, the timeline remains at the length for the original media. Sometimes the difference is several hundred seconds. There is no way to select an option for "snap timeline to media length". (Also, weirdly enough, the timeline is only listed in number of seconds, not minutes: seconds: milliseconds.)

Here is my workaround until the "snap timeline to media length" feature is added:

1. Replace old media with new

2. Right click media and select "Edit media..."

3. Write down the trim length of new video (here, the times are shown in minutes:seconds:milliseconds) E.g. o5:49:22

4. Grab calculator (I'm a concepts guy, not even slightly proficient at math). Calculate (e.g. 5 x 60 + 49.22 = 349.22 )

5. Close media editor

6. Right click media and un-check "show always"

7. Set cue point at media length+ (e.g. 350)

8. Drag end of media from end of timeline to cue point. (takes forever)

9. Drag timeline to cue point (faster, as I can press the left arrow while dragging)

10. Save and preview


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Walt Hamilton

If you have a sample slide you use for repeated use, I know a lot of people save that in an unused scene without the video. Duplicate it, then add the video, and avoid the problem.

Even if you have to replace a video, when you add a new video, and before you do anything else, right click it and deselect show until end, sometimes it shrinks its timeline to the correct length. Delete the old video, and jump directly from step 1 to step 9.

Dong Liang

2018 now, the problem still exists. Maybe people don't think of it as a problem. But my experience said otherwise. I wasn't aware of this weird design and ended up having multiple videos with stretched length. The SME told me, "there is a bug in your video" and I went back to change all of them. Huge waste of time!

So my conclusion is:

There should be a feature that adjusts the timeline to the longest video on slide; and this should be default.

But before that happens (maybe in 10 years), my workaround:

What I did is to use a short video (start with the shortest video) as template. If you duplicate that slide, then any video longer than it will expand to the right length of the video. No extra work is needed! JUST REMEMBER to start with the shortest video.

Martin Dean


This is (yet) another issue with SL360 that does not seem to have been addressed.  Please add my vote to getting this fixed.

The best work round seems to be Dong Liang's.

Please can we see some progress on these bugs/feature requests?  I appreciate it takes time to make changes and there are priority issues, but we seem to be constantly making these observations and requests for features that disappear into the abyss.

This problem has been noted for 'over three years'.

Please can we have a review of all the requests and some insight into the plans to address, defer or ignore them?


Daniel Mitchell

Martin, I agree with you completely, but please know that Articulate does have a request review process. For them to review our requests, however, we need to submit the request with the official Feature Request: Of course it doesn't mean they'll fix this...just that it's more likely to pop up on their radar. 

Martin Dean

Hi Daniel

Yes, I fully appreciate that and have always submitted feature requests in the official way.  The issue is that the requests vanish from view; no feedback or updates.

My heart sinks when I look for an answer to a question; find it in the discussion but then notice that the conversation was 'x years ago' and nothing has progressed.

I do realise also that just because someone requested it, it is not necessarily a priority, or indeed even possible.  I would however like to know what decisions have or are being made. 

I would welcome a forum for the requested features whereby we could actually vote on those that we are most interested in and to get some feedback from Articulate as to which, when or whether they can or will address them.

I shall now take that new suggestion and feed it in to the official site. :-)

Lauren Connelly

Hi all!

I am jumping into this discussion to share that we just released Storyline 360 (Build 3.63.27628.0) which includes changes to the timeline.

New: Create slides faster with time-saving upgrades to the timeline. Multi-select objects and move them all at once. Choose where pasted objects appear in the stacking order or even paste them into an existing group. Align objects to the playhead or vice versa. And when the timeline is too long, you can instantly reset it to five seconds or shorten it to the object with the longest duration.

Now all you need to do is update Storyline 360 in your Articulate 360 desktop app!

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out in this discussion or in a support case.