MC Quest Slide Master Problems

I've created 2 different custom multiple choice slide masters. 

  1. Question with 1 Table at the top. This was built from scratch with shapes, lines, and placeholder text fields for the data. It works fine and I can apply the layout to question slides with no problems.
  2. Question with 2 Tables at the top. This doesn't work right. Storyline takes the bottom right hand placeholder text field and decides it is for the answer options even though the answer option area is still showing below. 
    Can anyone help me get this slide master to work properly?
  3. The attached Storyline360 file has a total of 4 slides.
    1. Slide 2.1 showing that the MC 1 Table Layout works fine.
    2. Slide 2.2 showing that the MC 2 Tables Layout doesn't work right.
    3. Slide 2.3 example of MC 2 Tables Layout applied but no data entered yet.
    4. Slide 2.4 default results slide.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Walt Hamilton

The Question choice box is locked in the MC2 tables layout Master.

There is at least a chance that is preventing the system from putting the questions in that text box, forcing it to look elsewhere.

At the very least, if you go to the master and unlock the box, you can drag the answer options down to it.