Media Library: other programs and cropping

Jan 05, 2021


I have two questions:

If I click the editing button in the media library, it doesn`t give me options of editing programms. It automaticly opens the file in Paint. Do you know if there is a way to tell Storyline: let me choose between programms? I see on youtube examples that at least there should be some options like "photo" and also Camtasia (which I also have intalled). My Affinity Designer would be great to have as an option, too. 

And a second question: When I insert a picture from the content library 360, make it bigger and crop it to the size of the page, and after that I open the media library and edit the picture in paint (e.g. draw on it). After returning to Storyline I see that the drawing is there, but the picture ist not croped anymore. Maybe it`s hard to understand: I attach a video to show you. Is it just me? A bug?


Thank you and I hope you are all having a good start into 2021!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Claudia!

Great question! Cropping the photo on the slide customizes the image on the slide rather than the file itself. If you're looking to crop the image entirely, I'd recommend using the crop tool when Paint editing. Here's a quick look at what I see on my end. 

Also, it sounds like the default app for images is set to Paint. You can change this in the Default Apps section on your workstation. I've walked through this in the video as well!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Claudia!

I appreciate you sharing this video! It looks like all images are set to open in Paint. If you want to change this, I'd recommend looking at the Default App settings on your workstation. If you need additional help specific to your machine, a quick "Change Default Apps in Windows 10" Google search should do the trick!

Christian Auerbacher

Hi Lauren,

i have the same problem as Claudia. And the "Windows Default Apps" hint doesn't change anything. Since yestreday everything was fine and i was able to choose the app everytime i edited a file. I think the problem started as i wanted to edit a file, that i copied from a powerpoint. The file was an .emf file. I changed the default app in windows 10 for .emf files but still nothing changes. I also tried to deinstall paint, an i was able to deinstall Paint 3d but Microsoft seems to like this tiny little app called paint so much, that i wasn't able to get rid of it. So i ran out of ideas how to fix this cause I'd loved to work like this. Maybe anybody can help how to change this back. Reinstall SL maybe?

Jonathan Huguenin

Hello here! I hope you are well 😀

I'm going to restart the post to know if there is something new?

I have contacted the support, but in the meantime, I was wondering if you have found a solution?

In my case, I would like to modify my images with Photoshop or SnagIt (not paint)

Thank you all and have a nice day

Becca Levan

Happy to see my teammate, Phil, is lending a hand, Jonathan! I see Phil emailed a follow-up to you, so I'm hoping you keep at this with him to reach a resolution. I'll follow along in your case to provide any helpful feedback for folks here!

Claudia, I'm sorry to hear you're still facing this, and we want to help! I'd encourage you to also reach out to one of our support engineers here. They are fantastic and happy to help!

In the meantime, I'm hopeful that Christian will chime in with an update!