missing slides in the player

Jun 18, 2022

I have missing slides in the player, but they play fine when I play the whole project. I have added them back into the menu, clicked OK (don't see a save option), but they won't stay.  

I found an 8 year old discussion about missing slides in the player, that the slides may be corrupt, so I will explore that as a fix but since they all work fine in the project, I don't see that being the cause. 

Thank you! 

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Andrew Egbert

Hi Nancy,

You're correct, but your slides will play through in order whether or not they have a listing in the Menu. However, I don't think that you need to worry!

The 8-year-old solution, if it suggests using the reset button, still works. However, that solution will add every slide in your project to the Player Menu. You can also selectively add slides to the menu. There are two options that will probably help you solve the problem:

Adding slide titles to the Player Menu

Let me know if that helped or not.