Mobile App

Apr 08, 2013

Hi, community.

I have done a sample course (is attached). It works greeat on browser on both pc and android (and, as I could see by screenshot, in iPad).

However, when converted into an app through Edge, it loses the audio and video.

Is anything to take under consideration when working for an app?

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Michael Hinze

Javier, I'm not sure how you would convert Storyline content into an app with Edge in the first place. Edge has three publishing options: Web/ Optimized HTML, Animate Deployment Package (for use with other Adobe Tools) and iBooks/OS X widget. As far as I can see, none of these would result in an 'app'. I had tested PhoneGap once  to package Storyline HTML5 output as iOS and Android apps. The performance was rather 'clunky', but technically it worked.